Marvin Gaye singer Charlie Puth accustomed to pretend to be their own manager in an attempt to score an archive deal. The 24-year-old was obviously a relatively unknown singer-songwriter until captured (15), when he co-wrote the song See You Again to the Furious 7 soundtrack as being a tribute to late actor Paul Walker. Prior to dominating the pop charts, Charlie studied jazz at Berklee College of Music in Boston. It was there that they stumbled upon a career in pop. "During my own time there I would skip class and visit New York City to hold back outside the big executive record stores," he told Hunger magazine. "I would pretend to be my own, personal manager and contact (adopts deeper voice) 'Charlie Puth is here now to see you and also he has this excellent record for you…'

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"I found myself in some rooms, yeah, and they’d resemble, 'Where’s your coworkers?' I’d should say, 'OK, listen, I’m sorry but it’s just me, pay attention to my track!' but anyway they still weren’t biting and I were required to keep hustling to and fro." His hustling led him to publishing group Miles Beard, and the man was able to write See You Again and summertime runaway success Marvin Gaye (which features Meghan Trainor). See You Again, which features Wiz Khalifa, instantly linked to audiences and would be a touching tribute to Fast & Furious actor Paul, who died automobile crash in 2013. "I want to think of it in this way – when I was writing it, I was inside a little room and after this when I play in giant stadiums almost every person knows the lyrics, hence the before and after of these is in itself pretty mind-blowing," Charlie said with the song.

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